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Trusted by Top Sellers

We work with some of Amazon’s top sellers earning over a billion dollars in sales.

Great Experience

Working in E-Commerce since 2004, our success is rooted in a commitment to update our process and stay 100% compliant with Amazon’s ever changing Terms of Service.

Negative Feedback

We work directly with Amazon to remove wrongful, negative feedback.

Smart Monitoring

We’re the only provider that offers a Dashboard so you can review your feedback and monitor removal progress.

Service Plan

We’re confident in our work so no long term contracts. Our service plan is month to month giving you the chance to see results.

Dedicated Rep

We provide a dedicated account executive to oversee your success.


We want to share our feedback and refunds expertise so that all sellers can take advantage of these 2 simple low hanging fruit

Our Team

We’re dedicated to improving online sales. We love to pour through data and come up with innovative ways to reach buyers. Our work with each client helps find and leverage their strategic strengths and identify and reinforce any weakness. We’re convinced that the 2 lowest hanging fruit to improve an Amazon seller’s bottom line is making sure their seller feedback climbs to 100% positive and collecting every penny owed to them from Amazon. Call to say hi and ask us any questions you have about selling on Amazon.



Director of Finance


Sales & Product Strategy


Operations Manager


Marketing & Analysis


Creative Design


Sales Executive



Experience Specialist


IT Systems


Creative Content Writer


Business Development

From the dawn of our online sales journey we’ve always invited peers and competitors to teach us and learn from us. Our efforts to constantly collaborate with other sellers paved the way for us to help clients improve their own online sales. These ventures, in turn, introduced us to our clients peers and competitors who we also invited to teach us and learn from us.

Our team is constantly engaging with new sellers and we’ve come to realize that many of them will see sales and bottom line increase by doing a better job managing seller feedback and claiming back monies Amazon owes them. Thus Seller Maven was born to offer Amazon Sellers what our clients already enjoy: Higher seller feedback reviews and every forgotten cent reclaimed. Schedule a call with us if we can help you.

Best Location

Our offices are conveniently located just outside NYC.

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