5 Best Tips for Amazon Sellers

The Seller Maven team has compiled the 5 best tips for Amazon sellers in one article to help you navigate the marketplace and increase your success. For an online seller, taking your business on Amazon and selling on the e-commerce site can be a great way to reach a large audience and increase your sales. However, it can also be a competitive marketplace, making it important to have a solid strategy in place. Our tips for Amazon sellers that go from optimizing your product listings to utilizing tools that fit your business needs, these pointers will help you stand out and grow your business on the platform.

Here’s what will be discussed in brief for our 5 best tips for Amazon sellers:

  1. Optimize your product listing
  2. Prioritize your feedback management
  3. Optimize your inventory
  4. Check that you’re following best practices
  5. Find tools that fit your business needs

Tip Number 1: Optimize Your Product Listing

Our first tip for Amazon sellers is optimizing your product listing for Amazon. It is a crucial tip because doing that ensures you can reach your target audience and increase your sales. You need to check that your product listings are optimized for Amazon’s SEO. By using relevant keywords and matching or creating detailed product information, you can improve your visibility on the platform and make it easier for customers to find your products. Some key strategies for optimizing your product listings for Amazon’s SEO include researching and selecting keywords, writing effective product titles and descriptions, and using images to showcase your products. Optimizing your product listing for Amazon’s SEO actually needs a whole article by itself. Good thing that we already have that. For a more in-depth look at how you can rank better with the A9 algorithm, take a look at our article for product listing.

Tip Number 2: Prioritize Your Feedback Management

Staying on top of your seller feedback and prioritizing its management is our second tip for Amazon sellers. This pointer is an important one  because it directly impacts your reputation and sales on the platform. Positive feedback can increase a seller’s visibility and credibility, which can lead to better sales figures. Note that a high feedback rating can help you become eligible for Amazon’s “Buy Box” feature, which can further increase sales. In addition, staying on top of feedback management allows sellers to identify and address any issues with their products and different processes, which can then improve customer satisfaction and retention.

Getting customer feedback is crucial to building your reputation on Amazon, so you need to ensure that you invite verified buyers to give you one. Make it easier by automating your review requests through tools like Feedback Five and others like these. Please note that although Seller Maven highly recommends them, we don’t earn any income from affiliate links, and of course we won’t shy away from getting one should it get offered.

Tips for Amazon Sellers Tip Number 3: Optimize Your Inventory

Most articles on tips for Amazon sellers rarely mention optimizing inventory. Having the right inventory management strategy in place can make all the difference in your business’s success. Selling on Amazon means maximizing your profit margin, and a key component of this is logistical efficiency. Optimizing your inventory means having the correct products, in the right quantities, at the best time to meet customer demand (keeping in mind logistical practicalities) while minimizing the risk of overstocking or stockouts. There are a lot of logistical equations and formulas that you can utilize to take the guesswork out of inventory management.

Tip Number 4: Find Tools That Fit Your Business Needs

Technology is there to make life easier for all of us, and that includes much of your work as an Amazon seller. There are a lot of free tools available online, and you can browse which tools will work best for you. You might want to explore some paid ones like SellerCloud for order management, Helium10 and Jungle Scout for different processes, and our own Seller Maven’s Feedback Dashboard (initially available for our premium clients) if you’re ready to take your Amazon business to the next level. As a disclaimer, we don’t earn from any affiliate links that we feature on this article.

Tip Number 5: Following Amazon Sellers’ Best Practices

As an Amazon Seller, you don’t need to break new ground when it comes to selling on the e-commerce site. There are a lot of information online that you can follow, and there are several online communities and forums on sites like Quora, Reddit, and Facebook groups that you might want to follow so that you can learn from other Amazon Sellers. Browse these pages’ resources and learn their best practices, the processes that they follow and myriad other invaluable tips and tricks.

As discussed in our second tip, take any feedback that you get as a chance to review, audit, and improve your processes. Any comments that include issues with shipping and order fulfillment may be a clue as to what you can patch and improve upon. Speaking of shipping, Amazon FBA sellers’ best practices involve auditing your shipping rates periodically. Another one is to maximize the reimbursement claims that you can get for Amazon FBA. Corollary to that, you can hand off your reimbursement tracking to the Seller Maven team without incurring any upfront fees or expensive subscription fees. You only pay a certain percentage when you get your money back!

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