Removing Negative Reviews: The Key to Boosting Your Business on Google As a business owner, you might think that getting negative reviews on Google ends there. It does not. Having those negative reviews on the internet can make or break your business. Even a single negative review can discourage potential customers and damage your brand’s reputation, while a positive review can increase trust and drive more sales. This is especially […]
Top 5 Tips to Get Seller Authority on Amazon As an Amazon seller, your reputation on the platform can make or break your business. With so many competitors, it’s essential to establish and maintain your Amazon seller authority to stand out from the crowd and build trust with customers. You need to be proactive in your approach to building your brand and reputation. But how do you ensure that your […]
Do You Have Seller Authority on Amazon? Amazon seller authority used to refer to sellers who are currently holding the Buy Box, but it means so much more now that Amazon has upgraded the way that it ranks several factors in their algorithm. Seller authority now also refers to your ability to satisfy customers and provide them with the correct product on time and with the least probability of returns. […]
What is Amazon Seller Authority? Amazon Seller Authority previously referred to the seller currently holding the Buy Box, but the Amazon algorithm iteration from A9 to A10 updated that. Seller authority in Amazon now has more weight added to it beyond having the advantage of owning the Buy Box. The Amazon A10 When a prospective buyer searches on Amazon, the given list of products presented on the website is the […]
How to Increase Your Amazon Feedback Removal Success Rate Did you know that most Amazon sellers only have a 1 – 3% chance of having their negative Amazon Feedback removed? That’s because Amazon has a buyer-centric customer service policy and a narrow set of criteria for each feedback to be eligible for removal. If the neutral or negative feedback that you want to dispute does not meet any of those […]
Your Seller’s Reputation Affects Conversion Rate Did you know that your seller’s reputation affects conversion rate? Every seller has to contend with a dog-eat-dog world, even if you sell with Amazon, the biggest online retailer in the world. Amazon sees 3,700 new sellers join its platform every day, and most analysts foresee a positive growth for the e-commerce market for 2023. Resellers who want a bigger slice of the potential […]
Ways to Deal with Negative Feedback on Amazon Getting negative feedback on Amazon has a big impact on your reseller business. Maintaining a high seller rating and getting a lot of positive customer feedback can help build trust with potential buyers and increase the likelihood that they will buy from your seller site. Getting just one negative review can potentially lower your seller rating significantly, especially if you’re just starting […]
Correlation Between Delayed Shipments and Low Seller Feedback There is a direct correlation between delayed shipments and low seller feedback, and addressing logistical issues is key to maintaining a net positive feedback score. We have discussed in a previous article how reviews and feedback influence your sales, and now we’ll show you how issues with logistics generate negative feedback from customers. Shipping and Delivery in the Eyes of the Consumer […]