What is Amazon Seller Authority? Amazon Seller Authority previously referred to the seller currently holding the Buy Box, but the Amazon algorithm iteration from A9 to A10 updated that. Seller authority in Amazon now has more weight added to it beyond having the advantage of owning the Buy Box. The Amazon A10 When a prospective buyer searches on Amazon, the given list of products presented on the website is the […]
5 Best Tips for Amazon Sellers The Seller Maven team has compiled the 5 best tips for Amazon sellers in one article to help you navigate the marketplace and increase your success. For an online seller, taking your business on Amazon and selling on the e-commerce site can be a great way to reach a large audience and increase your sales. However, it can also be a competitive marketplace, making it […]
Maximize Your Amazon FBA Reimbursement Claims Maximize your Amazon FBA reimbursement claims by constantly monitoring your stocks, refunds, credits and debits to your seller account, and comparing it to your physical inventory of sellable items. The world’s largest online retailer deals with more than a billion dollars in sales every single day, and the volume it deals with is humongous. You can’t just trust that any money that Amazon owes […]