Feedback Management

The Seller Feedback score is the second most important trust signal right after your product’s feedback score. SellerMaven maintains a 98% or higher seller feedback score for every client. Sellers with a consistently high feedback score earn the buy box more often, have listings with higher search rank, enjoy lower PPC rates, and have their promotions more prominently featured.


Sellers with less than 98% Positive Seller Feedback can lose up to 20% of their daily order potential for each percentage point their seller feedback drops.


We have over 10 years of experience working on Amazon feedback arbitration and removal. Our team can help even the most seasoned sellers.


The minimum number of seller feedbacks we recommend that clients try to earn in a 30-day period to reap the benefits of a high seller feedback score.

Trust. It’s all about trust.

The key to Amazon’s success is consumer confidence that they can pay now and know they’ll receive goods at some later time. Amazon’s algorithm rewards partners that reinforce this trust more than anything else.

Amazon is seller agnostic. All sellers have access to the same list of minimum performance requirements Amazon expects them to meet. The Amazon algorithm , however, will consistently favor sellers that surpass these requirements. The further you reach beyond competing sellers, the more likely you are to succeed on Amazon.

2-Pronged Approach

We help remove existing negatives.

Our team continuously searches, finds and identifies negative reviews and feedback customers leave about your seller account. Our specialists are trained to audit each comment and utilize an arsenal of tactics to get negative marks removed from your history. Our success rate is so high, that we offer a Money Back Guarantee.

We help reduce future negatives.

You’re the expert on your products, we’re the experts on feedback. Our team uses best-in-class software to identify which of your customers are most likely to leave positive feedback and which are most likely to leave negative. We’ll help you make sure that you’re only soliciting customers in the first group, and avoiding soliciting from the latter.

Ready to see your feedback score rise?

  • Increase Your Sales
  • Get Less Negative Feedback
  • Money Back Guarantee

At SellerMaven we understand the needs of Amazon Sellers inside and out. When you speak to one of our agents, be sure to ask about our fee reimbursement service to learn how you can re-claim thousands of dollars back from Amazon!

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