How to Increase Your Amazon Feedback Removal Success Rate

Did you know that most Amazon sellers only have a 1 – 3% chance of having their negative Amazon Feedback removed? That’s because Amazon has a buyer-centric customer service policy and a narrow set of criteria for each feedback to be eligible for removal. If the neutral or negative feedback that you want to dispute does not meet any of those criteria, that feedback will stay on your seller site and influence your Amazon sales.

Every Feedback Counts

Every feedback that you receive affects your status as a seller. It’s very rare in this digital age for a customer to buy without first looking at the product reviews and the seller feedback. Just as positive feedback will give you more visibility on the Amazon platform, neutral to negative feedback will also adversely affect you. Here are several reasons why feedback has an impact on you as a seller:

  • A positive feedback counts as your digital asset
  • A neutral to negative feedback can be considered a liability
  • Your feedback is visible to potential buyers and will influence their buying decisions
  • Your feedback rating affects your eligibility for some Amazon programs
  • Each feedback directly affects your Order Defect Rate (ODR)
  • Your ODR affects your ability to get the Buy Box feature
  • Your ODR affects your Seller Health

As a seller, what you’re aiming for is a 98% or better feedback rating. If you’re using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), you can’t settle for anything less than a 100%.

Increase Your Amazon Feedback Removal Success Rate

Negative Feedback Removal

A seller needs to scrutinize each and every non-positive feedback that you get for the possibility of success in getting Amazon to remove it. Your grounds for neutral to negative feedback dispute, unfortunately are limited to the following:

  • If it’s about the product
  • If it mentions the price of the product or the delivery
  • Includes images or articles that impinges on third-party intellectual property rights
  • Has personal identifiable information
  • Promotes other sellers or websites
  • Contains offensive or threatening language
  • Contains abusive or illegal content

Sellers using FBA have broader criteria for disputes since it is Amazon who processes order fulfillment and even provides customer after sales service for resellers. Once you’ve determined that your non-positive feedback contains any of the above content, you can request Amazon to have it removed.

There are several ways to request removal:

  • Through the “Dispute” button in Feedback Manager
  • Use the “Request removal” dropdown on the individual rating in Feedback Manager
  • By opening a new ticket with Seller Support
  • Having Seller Maven do the heavy lifting for you and get your seller rating back to 100%

Seller Maven: The Specialists in Negative Feedback Removal

Increase Your Amazon Feedback Removal Success Rate

We can exponentially increase your Amazon feedback removal success rate and get your seller rating back to within 95 – 100%. How? Seller Maven has more than ten years of experience in feedback management, and we know Amazon’s seller guidelines backwards and forwards. Our roster of clients range from sellers who move 100 orders per month to high quantity sellers with over 50,000 orders month on month. What we promise is that you can focus on doing what you do best: sell your products on Amazon. We will take care of your Feedback Management for you and get your Seller Rating to 100%. Talk to us now!

I want to increase my Amazon feedback removal success rate!

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