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Marketplace Business Intelligence

SellerMaven Intelligence gives you complete visibility into your Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) operations. Access the comprehensive dashboard for all the tools you need to recover money you’re owed from Amazon and optimize your shipping and operations.
Seller fees are the biggest drain on your margins, but many of them can be reclaimed back from Amazon. We track and file FBA reimbursement claims for you so you can focus on sales. Get your Amazon FBA money back with the highest rated protector of seller profits.
FBA Fee Dashboard

FBA Fee Recovery

Full Service FBA Audit

Maximize reimbursements with our Amazon experts filing your claims.

Flexible plans & pricing to fit your needs.

100% Amazon TOC Compliant.

Verified Amazon Seller Central Partner

Insights & Analytics

Cost Analysis

See exactly how much it's costing you to sell on Amazon.

Sales Visualization

Use geographic sales data to optimize your shipping & operations.

Inventory Management

Stock, scale and manage inventory appropriately. Launching in 2023.

As Easy As 1... 2... 3!

Step 1

Sign Up to FBA Fee Recovery

Step 2

Our Team of experts will audit your fees and submit reimbursement cases

Step 3

You get paid!

Affordable. Valuable. Safe.

With no monthly fees, upfront fees, or long-term communication you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Don’t assume that Amazon is reimbursing you completely. Mistakes are inevitable when you manage an estimated 200 million sellers and over 180 million sq ft of warehouse space. Let our professionals find and locate your refunds.
we’ve been in business long enough to know that Amazon has penalized automated claims and that’s why we’ve never automated our claims process. With sellerMaven you can rest assure your account is always operating within Amazon guidelines.

That is your money. Get it back.

Managing an Amazon seller account is time-consuming and can sometimes even feel a little overwhelming. Trouble is, if you drop the ball on any aspect of your account you’re going to lose money . When it comes to tracking credit, let our account auditors scour for errors, identify them, and then file claims on our behalf. We track your cases from start to finish. When it comes to getting your money back, we’ll cover you so that you can focus on growing your account.

Is this expensive?

We charge a percentage of reimbursements we recover. That’s it.
We only bill for reimbursement once we’ve confirmed it’s been deposited in your account, or that the inventory has been replaced.

Ready to see your money back in your account?

Ask about seller feedback!

At SellerMaven we understand the needs of Amazon seller inside and out. When you speak to one of our agents, be sure to ask about our feedback management service to learn how we help Amazon sellers get thier seller feedback to 100% positive!

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