Amazon Seller Feedback is Our Specialty

Negative Feedback Removal

With over 2M sellers on Amazon, trying to stand out can seem like a daunting challenge. One of the easiest places to stand above your competitors is in your Seller Rating. If you’re primarily using FBA your rating should never be below 100% positive and our team can make sure that’s the case. If you’re primarily FBM there are a few extra steps to the process but your ratings shouldn’t stand below 98% positive and with our help can usually reach 100% positive.

Building on 10+ years of experience and working with sellers that range from 100 orders/month to over 50,000 orders/month, our team knows how important your Amazon feedback rating and ODR is to your bottom line. Let us help you earn more sales.

Say Goodbye to Negative
& Neutral Feedback

We understand Amazon Seller Support. Our process was forged though experience and refined through commitment as Amazon Sellers. Our team makes every effort to dispute negative feedback while staying compliant to all Amazon guidelines. Don’t let a low seller rating drop your conversion or buy box rates. We’ll focus on feedback so that you can remain focused on growth.

Amazon Seller Support: Knowing The Do’s and Don’ts

Our team has studied Amazon’s seller guidelines inside and out. In addition to memorizing the information on Seller Central’s knowledge base we regularly monitor Amazon Seller forums from across the web. We combine this always-learning approach with strict internal documentation policies. The result is a rich source of information on what works and what doesn’t work. Amazon does not want apps automatically creating cases or a cookie cutter approach, both of which just bog their agents’ time and often lead to auto-rejections of cases. Our team adjusts their approach to each dispute accordingly and our ability to do so is the source of our confidence and our high success rate.

10+ Years of Amazon Feedback Management

We’ve been helping Amazon sellers maintain a high seller feedback rating for over 10 years. Our team includes industry experts and our clients include sellers that have earned over 200k merchant fulfilled orders. We never stop improving and perfecting our approach. Our goal is a sustainable feedback repair process that is 100% above board and compliant to all Amazon rules. Take advantage while we are open to take on a limited amount of clients.

We’ll Remove – Guaranteed

You sell on Amazon to make a profit. If your product isn’t good then you’re expected to offer the customer a full refund. We follow the same approach.

Our product results in a higher positive seller feedback score through the removal of negative feedback. If we can’t remove any feedback we’ll give you your money back. It’s that simple.

  Feedback Removal Packages

Month to Month Service with No Contracts
Full Money Back Guarantee



95%+ Feedback Score

Last 90 days

  • Identify customers likely to leave negative or positive feedback
  • Remove negative group from feedback solicitation messages
  • Amazon TOS Compliant
  • Easy setup & integration



88% – 95% Feedback Score

Last 90 Days

  • Everything in Basic
  • 24/7 Feedback and ODR Monitoring
  • Repair any and all new negative
    feedback that comes in
  • Go back 90 days and Repair
    old feedback



Under 88% Feedback Score

Last 90 Days

  • Everything in Basic & Standard
  • Solicit more positive feedback
  • Dedicated success team assigned to your account
  • Monthly progress reports and success suggestions

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