Correlation Between Delayed Shipments and Low Seller Feedback

There is a direct correlation between delayed shipments and low seller feedback, and addressing logistical issues is key to maintaining a net positive feedback score. We have discussed in a previous article how reviews and feedback influence your sales, and now we’ll show you how issues with logistics generate negative feedback from customers.

Shipping and Delivery in the Eyes of the Consumer

Well before a customer hits the purchase button on your reseller site, they would already have expectations on how long they are going to wait for a product to be delivered to their doors. According to a survey done by Voxware, only 4% of consumers are willing to wait a week for their packages. Almost half or 48% of customers assume that packages will arrive within 2 days, while 31% expect packages in 3-4 days. That is a big logistical undertaking considering that the US has over 3.53 million square miles.

There is a cost to a reseller if you are not able to meet these delivery expectations. Shipping and delivery is a key factor in customer experience that influences how they feel about the reseller: if they will abandon the cart, and if they will be return customers. Note that a late delivery may very well be the last purchase that a customer will make from your company.

Almost 50% of potential customers will abandon their carts if you don’t meet their expected delivery timelines, while more than half wants a guaranteed delivery date upon checkout. As WSJ reporter Christopher Mims said, “Alongside life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, you can now add another inalienable right: two-day shipping on practically everything.”

It’s a delicate balancing act between free shipping or fast delivery. Do customers want it sooner, or do they want it free? How long are they willing to wait for a package that’s delivered for free? Generally, customers are willing to wait for up to 4 days for free shipping. Beyond those delivery timeframes, consumers would rather go elsewhere than compromise.

Top Cause of Negative Feedback: Delayed Shipping

Correlation Between Delayed Shipments and Low Seller Feedback

Delayed shipping is the top cause of negative feedback.

Issues with the order fulfillment process are the top causes of negative feedback, alongside problems with your product listings. Specifically, the top three reasons customers leave a negative feedback are:

  1. Delayed shipping time
  2. Inaccurate and incomplete product description
  3. Incorrect product shipped

Customers expect resellers to ship their orders within 2 business days upon order notification from Amazon. Of course, not everyone can fulfill this delivery SLA (Service Level Agreement) all the time. As a reseller, you need to set realistic expectations in your listings so that customers can make informed decisions about delivery times. Communicating accurate delivery timeframes is key to giving your customers a positive experience. Talk to your shipping partners and work with partners that can deliver a better service as that will improve your growth in the long run.

For feedback management, you can partner with industry experts like Seller Maven to see areas you can improve on. Our team can conduct a comprehensive review of your customer service policies and processes to help reduce negative feedback.

How Does Late Delivery Affect Your Reputation?

A single negative feedback that you receive about a delayed delivery is just the tip of the iceberg considering that only 4% of dissatisfied customers leave a feedback. Majority just simply never come back. In a study from Voxware, they found that “69% of respondents are much less or less likely to shop with a retailer in the future if an item they purchased is not delivered within two days of the date promised. Moreover, 16 percent of respondents will abandon shopping with a retailer altogether if they receive an incorrect delivery just one time, and 14 percent will do so if they receive a late delivery just one time.”

Inaccuracies and delay in shipment result in a loss of brand loyalty for a reseller. A history of delayed deliveries means that your customer acquisition cost increases. The fact that 13% of dissatisfied customers complain to 15 or more people means that your brand reputation gets worse with each late delivery. Aside from that, your Amazon Seller Performance and your Order Defect Rate are also negatively affected when you receive one-star or two-star feedback ratings.

Addressing Logistics Issues

The very foundation of a smooth order fulfillment process is to have a documented logistics strategy in place. Any potential issue should have a determined service time line. As with all processes, regularly conduct an audit and analyze your shipping process to identify where you can make small adjustments that have a big impact.

Correlation Between Delayed Shipments and Low Seller Feedback

Scrutinize logistical pain points and process improvements.

In reality, any logistical structure will encounter a snag. The onset of the pandemic triggered a global supply chain crisis and it’s throttling several industries. If you have encountered a delivery problem that can’t be helped, be transparent with your buyers. Set your customers’ delivery expectations by giving timelines, transparent carrier communications, and offer shipping insights.

Minimize the probability of getting a dissatisfied customer with these key steps:

  • Maintain an optimum product stock level
  • Under promise and overdeliver
  • Be as transparent as possible about shipping and delivery timelines
  • Be proactive in addressing potential shipment delays
  • Notify customers about late deliveries. Be transparent with what happened, and communicate what steps you’re doing to resolve the problem
  • Address the reasons for delayed deliveries
  • Document the issue and report to the appropriate point person for resolution
  • The point person should own the case and see it to its resolution
  • Give your customer options if the resolution is not to their satisfaction

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